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Do these products contain Parabens? No, they are free from parabens 

Are the products safe for sensitive skin types? You will find most of our products are safe for sensitive skin types, however we do recommend doing a patch test before using a product. You can either place the product on the neck below the ear, or on the crease of the arm (these areas are the most sensitive) leave product on the skin for at least a couple hours to see if any reactions occur.  

What's the difference between BB Cream and CC Cream? While both are moisturising products and help contain hydration in the skin, CC Cream has a lot more coverage than the BB Cream. If you have stubborn pigmentation or redness, the CC Cream is best. If you just need a light coverage of slight coverage then the BB Cream will work for you. 

What does Hyaluronic Acid do for the skin? HA is a sugar found naturally in our skin and holds water to keep skin hydrated and plump. It is a powerful humectant that brings moisture to the surface of the skin, it draws water from the atmosphere to contain hydration throughout the day. 

What does Shea Butter do for the skin? This high concentration of fatty acids and vitamins is used to soften the skin and is known to have anti-inflammatory properties. This ingredient smooths, soothes and tones the skin to look soft and velvety.